Ceramic & Porcelain
We’re the professionals with ceramic or porcelain tile and grout cleaning. We pay special attention to the smallest details that most other companies neglect. Our process and cleaning detergents remove years of soil build up on the tiles and inside the tile grout lines leaving them looking new. Our cleaning detergents and process are 100% safe. You’ll be amazed how clean and new your floors will look. We always recommend applying a grout sealer after the cleaning to protect the grout lines against stains from food and beverage especially in the kitchen and dining room areas.
Mexican Tile Refinishing

We offer Mexican clay tile refinishing. We strip and remove old worn finishes and thoroughly clean the tiles and grout lines from years of soil build up. Choose from gloss to low sheen finishes. Refinished clay tile floors adds warmth and beauty to any home.
Travertine & Marble Polishing

Over time travertine and marble become dull from superficial scratches from foot traffic and etching caused by household cleaners, juices, wine, organic stains, tracked in sand and grit and fine particulate soils. The process of honing removes the scratches and etching and followed by a polish restores the finish and brings your floors back to life.
Counter Tops

Marble kitchen and bathroom counter tops are constantly being exposed to etching from foods, juices, cleaning detergents also can eventually dull the finish on stone. Bathroom counter tops dull out and get etch marks from medications, bleaches, soaps, and hard water deposits. Re honing removes the etching and fine scratches followed by a polish that brings back a new beautiful finish

For residential customers only