Cleaning Wool Carpet, Oriental Rugs, & Area Rugs

    Wall to wall wool carpet found in high end residences, hotels and in other commercial facilities are usually installed and held in place over tack strips or glued down type installations and can be cleaned on location. Oriental Rugs and area rugs on the other hand usually lay loose on floors and should be cleaned off site in a rug washing facility. The special equipment and detergents needed to clean these rugs isn’t practical to bring into a residential home, also cleaning area rugs over certain type floors like wood or natural stone can leave permanent damage to the homeowners floor. Some area rugs need submersion to remove pet odor problems and need to be in a controlled drying environment and usually takes days to completely dry a rug. There will be times when cleaning a rug on location can’t be avoided and may be the only practical solution. Some rugs may be too large to transport or there could be very heavy furnishings sitting on top of the rug and may be impractical to move. Price can also dictate where the customer would prefer the rug cleaned. Sometimes a customer has a strong preference not to move the rug. We always recommend area rugs and Oriental Rugs be cleaned in plant whenever possible in a controlled environment.

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