Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Carpets are one of the biggest investments in your home. Having Steam Plus professionally clean and maintain your carpets keeps them looking great, protects your investment and extends your carpets life. Steam Plus removes allergens, dust mites, embedded soil, spots and matted down grimy carpets leaving them feeling soft, refreshed and virtually odor free. Our 4 step industry proven process uses cleaning solutions (safe around children and pets) to release deep embedded dirt & grime. Carpets are left feeling soft, clean and dry quicker.

Steps for Carpet cleaning

Step 1

Pre-Inspect We visually inspect your carpets with you and identify any potential stains or problems. We listen and discuss any concerns you may have and give you a evaluation of the expectations of the end results

Step 2

Pre-Vacuum removes almost 80% of loose particulate soil (sand, grit)
Pre vacuuming removes larger objects and opens the carpet fibers to remove deep embedded soil from the lower 2/3 of the carpet

Step 3

Pre-Treat we use a special solution that goes down deep into the carpet fibers treating high traffic areas. The Pre-Treatment emulsifies, loosens and suspend soils.

Step 4

Final-Rinse removes the suspended soils, cleaning solutions, dirt and leaves your carpets feeling soft, clean and ph balanced

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